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I will use tumblr for things I love... things that make me think... beautiful things... things that make me laugh/smile... rants and raves and other random shit...
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Cape Town City Guide by Miss Moss.

This well-researched and thoroughly experienced first-hand guide to South Africa’s coastal ‘Mother City’ by prominent South African blogger Miss Moss offers a very hip, artistic and vibe-y list of places to see, shop, dine and visit in Cape Town - from winelands and cafes, to boutiques and art galleries.

new weavespiration

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this just made me want to hit a tambourine 

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my boo


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i hate when i feel like this :) 

i hate when i feel like this :) 

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pretty much

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i love lil b

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que bonita banderaaaaaaaa

george krause. five boys.

© 1965. philadelphia.

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